Batman v Superman Brings in $27.7 On Thursday Opening


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice officially opens today, but the movie arrived in theaters yesterday with early Thursday night screenings held nationwide led the movie to gross $27.7 million.  (In comparison, Star Wars: Episode VII did $57 million).

With the momentum rolling, BvS is expected to rake in around $150 million dollars this weekend.  As discussed on The BooneCast, internal rumblings are stating if this does not make around $800 million worldwide, the movie would be seen as a disappointment since it houses two of Warner Bros.’ most lucrative properties.

The critical response so far have been very mixed with most reviews leaning towards an unsatisfactory reception.  Only this weekend will tell if the audiences (and box office) will not be swayed by the negative responses.  Let us know on Twitter (@theboonedotcom) if you think it will break $150 million!

Source: Variety