Capcom Announces Resident Evil 4, 5 & 6 to PS4/XB1

Resident Evil 4

Capcom announced today the release of Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, and Resident Evil 6 to the XB1 and PS4 systems in 2016.

Beginning on March 29th, Capcom will release RE6, in the summer will be RE5 and the fall will bring us RE4.  Although Capcom is releasing them in reverse chronological order, it makes business sense to release the most anticipated version last in order to keep interest in the product.

Capcom is straight off of re-releasing Resident Evil (Remastered) and Resident Evil 0 in HD on the next-gen consoles.  The success of re-releasing these in high definition not only paved the way for the future re-releases, but also put the remake of Resident Evil 2 into production.

Source:  Capcom