The Force Is Not Strong In China

Star Wars Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Fox)

During only it’s second week in Chinese theaters, Star Wars has dropped to #2 with around $14.82 Million weekend box-office.  Its opening week in the second largest market was only able to nab around $53 million.

The Star Wars franchise was never as popular in China as its it was in western culture due to the country’s history of censorship.  The population did not have the opportunity to grow up on the classics.

What makes this loss hard is the fact it was toppled by the Boonie Bears 3 (no affiliation).  Yes, the popular Chinese children’s show about “…two bears, Briar and Bramble, who try to stop Logger Vick from destroying their forest home” had stronger appeal than the return of Luke, Han & Leia.

With a poster like this, who wouldn’t want to see it?

Boonie Bears 3

Boonie Bears 3