Labyrinth Movie In Works Is “Not A Reboot”


Not even a month after Bowie’s death, Tristar (a Sony company) has signed on Guardians of the Galaxy‘s co-screenwriter Nicole Perlman to write the next Labyrinth movie.

The initial story reported that the movie was going to be a reboot based upon the classic 1986 Jim Henson movie about a girl going up against the Goblin King (David Bowie) to rescue her little brother.  The decision tree so far is on the right path with hiring a fantasy writer like Nicole Perlman.  Guardians was a fun film, as the Labyrinth should also be, but most fans may consider this announcement to come a little too close to Bowie’s passing.

To clear up rumors, Nicole Perlman has stated on Twitter that this would not be a reboot.

The next couple months will be interesting as the story develops on the production of the Labyrinth.  Is it a sequel?  Is it a spin-off?  Only Nicole Perlman and the head honchos at Tristar know.