New “The Walking Dead” Winter Premier Promotional Poster Released

Walking Dead Poster

AMC released their new promotional poster for “The Walking Dead” which will be returning on February 9th.  Interesting to see that Carl is featured as the prominent player on the poster.  I will admit that I have grown more interested in Carl as of recent, but the past several seasons I could have done without him.  I’m a VERY big fan of the comic series, but everybody that has read Kirkman’s series can tell you that they have strayed away from the story.

Hopefully with the terrible execution of Season 3’s prison storyline, the latter half of Season 4 can bring the series its much needed boost back to becoming cable TV’s best show.  I understand that you need to deviate from the comics and that is OK, but there are certain aspects of the story that you should apply the “if it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it” mentality.  The Prison/Governor storyline was a prime example of failed execution.  The only glimpse of witnessing the story’s greatness came from Season 4’s amazing mid-season finale.

With the introduction of fan favorite characters, the latter half of season 4 could definitely be its best.